The Summer 2017 issue of Court Circular

Summer 2017 issue of Court Circular

Zurich Municipal is delighted to announce that the Summer 2017 issue of Court Circular is now available.

Court Circular features the latest significant judgments from across the courts, enabling you and your organisation to keep up to speed with your responsibilities, review your risk management procedures where appropriate, and maintain and nurture the good reputation your organisation deserves.

This issue features a wide range of judgments from across the courts, covering many relevant topics, including:

  • Employers' Liability – an example of a finding of fundamental dishonesty
  • Employers' Liability – Surveillance not amounting to harassment
  • Employers' Liability – Damages for stigma of having sued former employer
  • Insurance – Exclusion clauses
  • Police Service – duty of care owed to informers
  • Highway Authorities – failure to prove breach of duty
  • Motor – Credit Hire and nil excess premiums
  • Motor – Cyclist wholly responsible for collision with car
  • Health and Safety Prosecution – Large fine against public authority for corporate manslaughter
  • Defamation – Court awarding substantial damages exceeding amount claimed
  • Civil procedure – Imprisonment for staged road traffic accident
  • Damages – Mesothelioma, finger, eye, burns

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