About us

Welcome to News and Views from Zurich Municipal. We’ve relaunched our highly successful publication online, to better provide customers with up-to-the-minute information and unprecedented access to our experts and insight. Watch this video to find out more:

Why use News and Views?

News and Views online provides a range of constantly evolving content, from industry-level discussions and strategic insight, through to sector-specific commentary and practical guidance.

It also offers greater control over the type of content you receive, and how you view it, enabling you to access content whenever you wish, and across a range of different electronic devices.

What does News and Views offer?

News and Views provides access to exclusive content, including interviews with experts and up-to-date insight into the latest risks within your sector.

The content will be delivered within distinct article categories, providing varied perspectives on a range of topics:

Talking Point

Zurich's Municipal’s thinking on current issues

Expert Lab

Zurich Municipal’s technical knowledge for specific risks

Strategic Focus

Zurich Municipal’s commentary on strategic risks you face

Sector Insight

Zurich Municipal’s sector-specific expertise and insight

How can I receive the latest from News and Views?

To tailor the content and receive only what is most relevant to you, simply hit ‘Register’ and enter your personal details and preferences the first time you log in.

You can then select your sector(s) of interest, and choose how often you would like to receive updates – either monthly or quarterly.

Whichever option you choose, we’ll only send you updates when there is new content that’s relevant to you. And of course you can access the News and Views website whenever it is convenient for you – across all mobile devices.

We hope you find this service useful and effective and welcome your thoughts and feedback.