Artificial Intelligence in the public sector

We are at the beginning of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) – an age in which technological innovations abound, from blockchain and predictive analytics to 3D printing and driverless cars. Of all these 4IR innovations, none is likely to have a more profound impact on the public and voluntary sectors than artificial intelligence (AI).

The potential for AI to reshape how organisations are run and how services are delivered is significant. Proponents of AI believe it could lead to a leaner, more efficient and more agile public sector. But what of the risks – be they ethical, social, political or technological? How well do organisations that serve the public understand what they are getting into when it comes to AI?

We have produced an in-depth whitepaper – Artificial intelligence in the public sector: the future is here – that explores this crucial issue in detail.

Our report:

  • Looks at how public and voluntary sector organisations view AI – and how aware they are of the associated risks
  • Examines the key challenges, particularly related to ethics and governance
  • Explores four key questions for organisations to consider when embarking on digital transformation
  • Explains how AI projects could impact insurance coverage
  • Outlines the expert support and consultancy Zurich Municipal can offer

Download Special Report

Download this special report – Artificial Intelligence in the public sector – the future is here.

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