The Spring 2018 issue of Court Circular

Spring 2018 issue of Court Circular

Zurich Municipal is delighted to announce the Spring 2018 issue of Court Circular is now available.

Court Circular features the latest significant judgments from across the courts, enabling you and your organisation to keep up to speed with your responsibilities, review your risk management procedures where appropriate, and maintain and nurture the good reputation your organisation deserves.

This issue features a wide range of judgments from across the courts as well as legal news which affects your industry, covering many relevant topics, including:

  • Employers' Liability – Liability for employee’s mental health condition dismissed
  • Employer’s Liability – High Court discusses application of Asbestos Industry Regulations 1931
  • Occupiers’ Liability - Hospital breached its duty to keep vulnerable patient safe
  • Occupiers’ Liability - Local authority not liable for slip on ice in public car park
  • Highways – Section 58 defence established
  • Police – Police officers do not have blanket immunity from lawsuits
  • Negligence – MoJ owed a duty of care to ensure prisoners could access healthcare
  • Negligence – MoJ confirms it will increase the small claims limit for motoring claims
  • Civil Procedure – Proposed amendments to Civil Procedure Rules, Part 31 announced
  • Civil Procedure – The service of late expert evidence allowed in a personal injury action
  • Civil Procedure – Costs order and Qualifying One-Way Cost Shifting Regime
  • Civil Procedure - Dishonest claimant not entitled to Qualified One-Way Costs Shifting protection
  • Defamation – A person is responsible for comments they publish on their Facebook Wall
  • Privacy – Couple who were filmed being evicted from their home had had their privacy breached and were awarded damages
  • Damages – Claimant awarded £4,100 for injury to his nose after walking into a showroom door
  • Damages - Woman received £4,411.89 for soft-tissue injuries

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