The Autumn 2017 issue of Court Circular

Autumn issue of Court Circular 2017

Zurich Municipal is delighted to announce that the Autumn 2017 issue of Court Circular is now available.

Court Circular features the latest significant judgments from across the courts, enabling you and your organisation to keep up to speed with your responsibilities, review your risk management procedures where appropriate, and maintain and nurture the good reputation your organisation deserves.

This issue features a wide range of judgments from across the courts, covering many relevant topics, including:

  • Employers' Liability – Psychiatric injury from sex discrimination
  • Employers' Liability – Wrongful copying of employer's confidential information
  • Employers' Liability – Injunction against employee misusing confidential information
  • Employers' Liability – Vicarious liability for assault by employer's medical examiner
  • Housing – Lack of staircase handrail not breach of duty to repair
  • Highways – Fall in brook not caused by Defendant's breach of duty
  • Highways – Fall to lower highway not caused by Defendants' breach of duty
  • Police – Race discrimination relating to detention of suspect
  • Police – Modest damages for wrongful arrest and execution of search warrants
  • Motor – Liability for catastrophic injury to child secured in inappropriate booster seat
  • Civil Procedure – Costs protection against claimant's late acceptance of Part 36 offer
  • Civil Procedure – Withdrawing admission of liability on substantial increase in claim

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