The Summer 2018 Issue of Court Circular

Summer 2018 issue of Court Circular

Zurich Municipal is delighted to announce the Summer 2018 issue of Court Circular is now available.

Court Circular features the latest significant judgments from across the courts, enabling you and your organisation to keep up to speed with your responsibilities, review your risk management procedures where appropriate, and maintain and nurture the good reputation your organisation deserves.

This issue features a wide range of judgments from across the courts as well as legal news which affects your industry, covering many relevant topics, including:

  • Employers' Liability – Stress, unpaid work, and mental illness on the rise according to a new CIPD survey
  • Equality Act 2010 and Discrimination – an employer’s vicarious liability for discriminatory acts
  • Highways – No duty of care to prune vegetation
  • Privacy – BBC restrained from broadcasting interview highlighting the criminal past of a former police officer
  • Data Protection – The GDPR comes into force
  • Negligence – Council ordered to pay damages to a child injured at a laser game attraction
  • Negligence – Court should have taken into account fresh evidence when assessing damages
  • Negligence - Personal injury claim following a motorbike accident at a public event dismissed
  • Negligence – Shopkeeper and manufacturer both liable for child’s horrific injuries
  • Negligence - Harrogate Council pays £33,000 compensation to parents of a boy crushed by falling gravestone
  • Insurance - Local authority to take out latent defects insurance
  • Police – Contributory negligence for police officer hit by car while parked
  • Health and Safety - Southern Co-operative Ltd fined £333,334 after employee suffered leg fractures
  • Health and Safety - Dame Hackitt’s final report following Grenfell Tower Fire published
  • Civil Procedure – Defendant employer ordered to pay 40% of claimant’s costs
  • Civil Procedure – Defendant who exaggerated minor injury claim jailed for three months
  • Civil Procedure – Limitation Act 1980, section 32 (1)(b) not applied
  • Civil Procedure – Sufficient ‘knowledge’ under Limitations Act 1980, s. 14
  • Defamation – Newspaper articles did not pass ‘serious harm’ threshold under Defamation Act 2013

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