Covid-19: Organisational Resilience

The spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) is unprecedented and we understand this is an incredibly difficult time for families and businesses. We are here to help customers and businesses who are affected by the impact of Covid-19 in these challenging times.

Zurich are closely monitoring the impact that the current COVID-19 situation is having on our valued customers. There has been great interest in our Guidance on Pandemic Planning, which has led us to produce this guide on organisational resilience during the pandemic, which will hopefully provide some helpful tips.

Organisational resilience is the ability to respond to, and recover from, a disruptive incident. Sometimes that will involve permanent adaptation and change: recovery to a ‘new normality’.

Click here to download our risk guidance, Organisational Resilience.

What does a resilient organisation look like?

Generally, it will be:

  • aware of its risk environment
  • agile and adaptable to changing situations and emerging risks
  • led by confident leaders who enable decision making through levels of the organisation
  • and have a culture of strong governance.