Has Calais chaos affected your school?

  • Calais ferries have been suspended following strike action, causing chaos for travellers sailing to and from Dover
  • Many schools are faced with the dilemma of cancelling or rearranging their school trip
  • Have you experienced issues as a result of the closure? We’re here to help you think about options

Strike action in Calais has caused the closure of the port and suspension of ferries sailing to and from Dover for the second time in a week. Many school trips have been affected by the closure.

A number of schools are facing the dilemma of cancelling or rearranging what could have been the trip of a lifetime for many students. We’re here to help you understand your options.

Tilden Watson, Head of Education at Zurich Municipal, says: “We pride ourselves on supporting customers when incidents occur. It is sad that many schools have been caught up in this event. Please be reassured that we are here to help.”

What are your options?

Max Godfree, Senior Claims Technician at Zurich Municipal, explains that those caught up in the ferry strikes can look into alternative arrangements. These may include:

  • Departing from a different port – check with your operator to see if this is an option for you
  • Catching the next available ferry – we can support our customers should you need to stay in a hotel, or with fuel costs should you need to return to home before catching the next available ferry

Stay hydrated

Temperatures on Wednesday reached 35 degrees across the country – the highest level in a decade – so make sure your party remains hydrated. Certain policies provide cover for travel delays, which include incidental expenses such as food and refreshments.

Check with your Risk and Insurance Consultant or Claims Handler for more details.

What can you claim for?

We can provide cover for delay and/or rearrangement. Options for alternative travel arrangements are possible in most cases, and your insurance will cover the reasonable cost of such rearrangements.

Should your school decide not to go, we would be prepared to consider your claim for ‘cancellation’. This means that we will look at all of the circumstances, and decide whether or not we are able to assist you. However, at this stage we are unable to guarantee that a payment will be made.

We want to help you make the best decision for your school

Talk to us to understand your options and help make your decision on whether to cancel or re-arrange your trip – we are on hand to provide support.

Email your Risk and Insurance Consultant or call us on 0800 232 1901.