Making Risk Management Simple: A guide for non-profit organisations

Organisations face a wide range of risks relating to the potential hazards which could cause personal injury, death or property damage. These risks can affect everyone who is employed by, who volunteers for, or comes into contact with the work of the organisation, e.g. employees, volunteers, members of the public, contractors and trespassers.

It’s important to be aware of the different risks involved and the controls you can put in place to minimise the chance of an accident happening. In our experience it’s relatively easy and inexpensive to get your risks under control in most cases. Managing your risks can help to create a safer and more efficient working environment within your organisation. It will also help you to comply with the law.

For more information and to view our four-step process that you can use to identify, measure and manage all types of risk, download the our latest pdf below:

Making Risk Management Simple (A guide for non-profit organisations)