The metamorphosis of Social Housing report

  • We have conducted a series of interviews with social housing CEOs and discovered many are now asking: ‘what kind of organisation do we want to be?’
  • Accessing finance and managing the impact of welfare reforms are among the key challenges Registered Providers face
  • The report reveals that some groups are generating up to half their income from non-core activities

This is the first report where we have confidentially interviewed CEOs of registered providers to find out what they really think. The report looks at what really concerns them about their organisation and their sector.

Against a background of mounting economic pressures, registered providers of social housing are embracing a new spirit of entrepreneurship. The report goes on to look at the fact that whilst housing associations have been traditionally risk-averse, they are now having to accept the reality that their appetite will change.

Housing associations are having to make the most of commercial opportunities with some diversifying and polarising almost beyond recognition. Many are now asking the question what kind of organisation do we want to be?