Organisational Resilience: Guidance on moving from Response to Recovery

The COVID-19 outbreak resulted in restrictions on business activities and the closure of many workplaces. This Risk Insight has been developed to provide an overview of the steps that organisations can take to safely resume work activities and manage the risks following a suspension of workplace operations.

Continuing our Risk Topic series covering Organisational Resilience, in which we have covered effective planning, we now turn to the subject of business recovery.

A crisis plays out over three timeframes:

  • Respond, in which the organisation deals with the present situation and manages continuity;
  • Recover, during which the organisation learns and emerges stronger; and
  • Transform, where the organisation prepares for and shapes the new normal.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the world, the first priority in the work environment has been crisis response, with the focus on health and safety and essential services.

Now, as organisations start to emerge from this initial response phase, the focus needs to shift to the challenges of Short/Medium/Long-term recovery.

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