Why the public and voluntary sectors can rely on Zurich Municipal

  • Choosing an insurance and risk management partner is an important decision
  • Public and voluntary sector organisations are under intense pressure to spend their money wisely and protect the public purse
  • Getting value for money means partnering with an insurer who delivers the right service at the right price

When it comes to insurance, value for money is about much more than upfront cost – it’s about finding the right policy and the right service, at the right price.

So why should you choose Zurich Municipal as your insurance and risk management partner? Here, we explain some of the reasons so many organisations in the public and voluntary sectors put their faith in us.

1. Support during a major loss

In the event of a major loss, such as a fire or flood, our Major Loss Team can respond in under 24 hours. Our in-house claims relationship managers will be dedicated to you throughout the duration of a claim.
We have experience of getting organisations back up and running quickly following major losses.

2. Risk management expertise tailored to your needs

Our Major Loss Team is there for you should the worst happen, but we also do everything we can to support your organisation to reduce the risk of losses occurring in the first place.

This includes providing access to: risk management guidance and training; data and insights into the top causes of loss in your sector; and expertise on understanding and managing emerging risks. We can provide mock trials with solicitor panels at no additional cost, to help prepare you and your colleagues for potential court hearings.

3. Over 25 years’ experience working with the public sector

Richard Wood, Head of Sales at Zurich Municipal, says: “We have worked in partnership with the public sector, community organisations, charities, educational institutions, the housing sector, and health and non-profit organisations for over 25 years.”

We offer a number of services that other insurers may not offer as standard. For example, we have a dedicated in-house Safeguarding Risk Consultant, while we also offer innovative solutions, such as the Safer Schools App – available to school and local authority customers at no additional cost – giving pupils, parents, teachers, carers and staff access to the latest safeguarding resources, including how to stay safe online.

4. Campaigning for the sector and defending legal claims

Not only do we understand your priorities and challenges, we also have experience of campaigning on behalf of the public and voluntary sectors, on issues including:

• Building safety regulations in social housing
• Sprinklers in schools
• Governance standards in the charitable sector
• Insurance Premium Tax increases

In the event of liability and compensation claims, we support our customers throughout the legal process, and take a stand on important claims that could potentially create a legal precedent for the sector, and robustly defend customers against spurious claims.

5. A single point of contact at every stage

Our Risk and Insurance Consultants (RICs) take a face-to-face partnership approach, which helps us to build an in-depth understanding of your organisation.

You will have access to your own RIC for anything from helping to ensure that you have the right cover in place, to accessing risk mitigation guidance, or checking on the status of a claim.

6. Support when and where you need it

Our in-house teams are located across the country – including our claims relationship managers, claims inspectors, Major Loss Team, RICs, risk engineers and underwriters. Richard says: “We are ready to help you in the communities in which you serve.”

7. A proven record of paying out on claims

We also understand that every customer needs the peace of mind that their insurer will deliver for them in their hour of need. “We’re very proud to have paid 99% of insurance claims made by our UK customers in 2017, 2018 and 2019,” adds Richard.

To find out more about how we could protect your organisation, and the range of support we can offer, read our latest brochure.