£6 billion health and social care budget for Greater Manchester

£6 billion health and social care budget for Greater Manchester is set to be devolved to the region’s councils and health groups.

“Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, NHS England chief Simon Stevens and Chancellor George Osborne announced plans for Greater Manchester to take control of £6 billion of health and social care spending. The Government has not published a detailed press release on the announcement, which is slightly unusual. It’s likely that this is because some of the key elements of the deal are still being negotiated.

Visit NHS England for further information https://www.england.nhs.uk/2015/02/27/greater-manc-funding

  • In a speech to media, Mr Stevens described the changes as charting “a path to the greatest integration and devolution of care funding since the creation of the NHS in 1948”.
  • The announcement is very much part of a wider package of devolution reforms to greater Manchester, including the creation of a newly elected mayor for the area, and other reforms previously announced by the Government at https://www.gov.uk/government/news/manchester-to-get-directly-elected-mayor.
  • The memorandum of understanding will see NHS England, 12 NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups, 15 NHS providers and 10 local authorities agree a framework for health and social care. The focus will very much be on “integrated care” which enables authorities to focus on, for example, preventative care in the community.
  • The scope of the memorandum of understanding includes the entire health and social care system in Greater Manchester, including adult, primary and social care, mental health, community services and public health.
  • The plans do not require any reorganisation of the NHS or its principles. In theory this could mean they can be reversed, and authority returned to Whitehall.

Ultimately, the NHS release notes that the memorandum is an “outline agreement” and more details will follow in due course. Full devolution of health and social care is expected to be in place by April 2016, with a roadmap for transition coming into effect on 1 April.”

Zurich Municipal understands that this will have large implications for our customers and this sector. We are currently looking into the potential impact this will have so that we can continue to provide clarity and support.