CCTV shows chef staging bogus fall

A London chef who staged a fall in a college kitchen, has been sentenced to 80 hours community service and ordered to pay £500 costs, after she was found guilty of fraud by false representation.

In July 2013, Anita Quansah-Okoe, 52, of Shannon Grove, SW9, was working as a chef at Lambeth College when she slipped over in the canteen.

She claimed to have suffered multiple injuries after slipping on the wet floor and had to take two to three weeks off work and have six sessions of physiotherapy.

Quansah-Okoe’s solicitors sent a personal injury claims letter to the college who then passed it onto their insurers Zurich along with CCTV footage.

The letter stated that she slipped and landed on her right side and only realised the floor was wet when she saw that her dress was damp and that there was no ‘wet floor’ signs in place.

Her solicitors alleged that she had sustained soft tissue injuries to her right shoulder, wrist, leg, foot and back and damage to her front teeth.

CCTV review

Upon viewing the CCTV, the Zurich claims handler concluded that the claim was fraudulent.

The case was referred to the City of London Police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED).

She was then arrested on suspicion of fraud by false representation.

Her medical report states that Quansah-Okoe attended Kings College A&E on the day of her fall.

An examination revealed tenderness over her top right shoulder, around her right ankle and she had pain while walking, with no bone damage.

Detective Inspector Oliver Little from the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department said: “The CCTV clearly shows how deliberate and premeditated Quansah-Okoe was in staging this fall.

“Insurance fraud is not a victimless crime and fraud is estimated to cost every policy holder an extra £50 on their premiums.”

Commenting on the sentencing, Scott Clayton, Claims Fraud & Investigations Manager said: ‘To say Miss Quansah-Okoe exhibited bare faced cheek in pursuing this claim feels like an understatement. As the CCTV footage plainly demonstrates, she shamelessly fabricated a fall in a vain attempt to claim money she was not entitled to.

“Zurich and indeed the whole insurance industry have no sympathy whatsoever for fraudsters like Miss Quansah-Okoe. Also, it must not be understated that the CCTV footage was invaluable in bringing this case to justice as was the assistance of Lambeth College.”

Mark Silverman, Principal of Lambeth College concludes: “We have always taken the health and safety of our staff, students and visitors seriously. We are glad that the judicial process has secured the right outcome and that this matter can be brought to an end.”