Helping local government face its biggest challenges

Local authorities are having to tackle some of their biggest challenges to date. Organisations are completely re-examining their roles and operations, and attempting to develop new service delivery models in the face of dwindling resources.

While this presents an excellent opportunity for local government to innovate and improve its operations, such wide-ranging changes are also completely altering organisations’ risk landscapes.

We have a long heritage of supporting local authority leaders through difficult times, helping them to identify the risks they face and advising them on how to manage them.

To help local government risk managers navigate this change, we have developed a detailed series of guides covering the key topics to consider.

Downloadable guides

Our public health and social care guide takes a closer look at the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and the Care Act 2014, which have introduced new rules and responsibilities for local authorities in delivering healthcare to their communities.

Fraud costs local government around £2.1bn a year and our guide to fighting fraud examines what risk managers need to understand about the likely profile of perpetrators and the types of fraud that may be involved.

Recent budget cuts, with the prospect of more to come, are compelling local authorities to consider how more can be provided for less. Our transformation risks guide looks at what is involved in employing a variety of strategies, while ensuring that they meet their statutory obligations.

Environmental risks have hit the UK headlines in the last five years, mainly due to the effects of devastating storm/ flood damage. Our environmental risks guide highlights the far-reaching effects of climate change on a diverse range of issues from potholes to fracking.

New technology offers significant benefits for local authorities, their employees, partners and suppliers, but also associated risks, we examine this in our information governance and technology guide.