Zurich Municipal partners with INEQE Group to boost safeguarding awareness

Zurich Municipal announces today a ground-breaking partnership with INEQE Group, the largest specialist independent safeguarding company of its kind in the UK & Ireland.

An industry first, this collaboration brings a range of resources and school apps that educate, empower and help safeguard school communities. These packages are available now to stakeholders of the schools Zurich insures.

Teachers, parents, carers, children and young people have instant access to INEQE’s ‘how to be safer’ (H2bSafer) resources which puts safeguarding information readily accessible in the palm of their hand.

More than just an app

The bespoke Zurich Municipal package for schools delivers over £20,000 worth of training, resources and apps for education professionals, parents, carers and pupils. Designed to help keep the whole school community safer, it provides access to some of the best online and offline safeguarding resources and training.

Tilden Watson, Head of Education at Zurich Municipal, commented: “Safeguarding is the most important issue any educational establishment faces. When dealing with safeguarding risks our customers must work to not only broaden their general understanding of what safeguarding is but also foster a culture of openness and transparency around an often difficult topic.

 “Teaming up with INEQE means we are bringing a range of new resources to schools and the families they serve – helping them keep such a vital topic on the agenda. Technology allows us to make this hugely accessible and we hope this helps many teachers, parents, carers and children.”

Jim Gamble QPM, CEO of INEQE Group, added: “In various safeguarding roles over many years I’ve come to recognise that partnership is key, whether it’s multiagency working across Local Authorities or national and transnational law enforcement initiatives. The right partnerships make a real difference.

 “Our partnership with Zurich Municipal has greater potential than any I’ve been involved in before. Their support, reach and commitment to keeping people safer will deliver our entire suite of safeguarding resources to schools without diminishing the school budgets that we all know are under relentless pressure. I believe that together through the resources and technologies we will make available we can improve understanding of safeguarding for thousands of our children and their families.”