Togethersure statement

We have received a number of queries from customers following a communication that we understand has been sent out requesting information on behalf of Togethersure. Togethersure is one of our competitors on the CCS Framework Agreement in the public sector insurance marketplace. We have been told that the communication requests details of the customer’s insurance arrangements with Zurich (over and above what would be accessible in the public domain) and suggests that the information is to be used to assist Togethersure (and associate third parties) develop its own competing proposition and pricing model. We have concerns that by circulating this information to one competitor, it creates an unlevel playing field.

Whilst it is ultimately for each local authority to consider the appropriateness of this request and how to respond in light of its public procurement obligations, given the context we ask that you do not release any information that may be considered to be confidential or commercially sensitive to Zurich.