Flood Risk Resource

Flood is a fundamental risk for everyone to be aware of, regardless of your proximity to a water source. As our climate changes and the country becomes increasingly urbanised, more and more people are experiencing the devastating impact of flooding.

This interactive resource aims to answer questions about flood risk – from identifying the types of risks you face, to what to do if you fall victim to flooding (including sector-specific guidance where relevant). We also look at common risks associated with Escape of Water.

We will regularly be adding new materials in order to create your complete guide to flood risk.

For more information on managing flood risk, please call us on 0800 232 1901 or email us at info@zurichmunicipal.com

How can local government continue to operate effectively during widespread flooding?
How can I support my communities in managing their flood risk?
How can I minimise the impact of major loss events?
What should I do to prevent pipes bursting in winter?
How do I satisfy my statutory duty to plan for major incidents?
How can I protect my organisation against financial shortfall following flood?