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Safeguarding is about protecting vulnerable people from harm, by putting their safety and well-being at the heart of decision-making.

Many organisations will have safeguarding responsibilities, and it is important they understand how to execute these duties. This interactive resource aims to answer questions about safeguarding – from how to identify signs of abuse or neglect, to how to encourage those within your organisation to report safeguarding concerns. It will also include sector-specific guidance where relevant. We will regularly be adding new materials in order to create your complete guide to safeguarding.

What are the most common failings that lead to safeguarding incidents?

How would our organisation protect its reputation after a safeguarding incident?

When is it appropriate to share personal information about vulnerable individuals with others?

What kind of emerging safeguarding risks should we be aware of?

What impact will GDPR have on safeguarding?

How should my school approach cyber-bullying?

How can we ensure our staff feel safe to raise safeguarding concerns?

How should we record evidence of safeguarding decisions?

When is it appropriate to make a referral to children's services?

How can we ensure we only recruit the right people?

What support do my social housing staff need?

What extra precautions are needed for vulnerable tenants?

What key responsibilities do charities need to be aware of?

My charity works with children – what do I need to know?


The Climate Change Challenge

Our whitepaper discusses strategies to help public and voluntary sector organisations manage and mitigate climate change risk.



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