6 tips for a successful school fete

  • Summer is the peak time for school fetes, and hundreds of schools across the UK will be holding events
  • Follow our tips to plan a safe and successful event
  • Do you have the right insurance cover for your fete?

Every year, schools across the UK welcome parents, children and the wider community to enjoy their summer fetes. A well-run fete can raise hundreds of pounds for a school, and help it foster stronger links with the community.

Fete organisers, however, have plenty to consider beyond ensuring there is enough food, drink and entertainment. Here’s our helpful checklist.

1. Plan for success

Having an event plan will help get the most out of the fete, from communicating a clear purpose and clear budget planning, to effective health and safety management. Event plans will vary depending on the size and complexity of your fete, however the principles of the plan should cover the following:

  • Description of the event. How it is to be organised and who is to be involved?
  • Venue details and requirements
  • Consider the time of year, day of the week and time to ensure there are no clashes with any other major events
  • Targeted audience and numbers likely to attend
  • Event budget and target income
  • Event information and communications/ promotions
  • Programme of the event, for example, agenda/ timings/ activities and who will be performing, exhibiting, attending, etc
  • Any equipment needed e.g. lighting

2. Access to site

To ensure a successful fete, organisers need to ensure visitors can arrive and leave safely. Plans should be made for on-site traffic arrangements and for the surrounding area, together with any restrictions including exit points.

If car parking is to be provided on the school grounds, organisers need to have enough traffic marshals, as well as a traffic management plan to separate pedestrians from vehicles. All those involved in traffic management need to be briefed on the importance of keeping routes clear for emergency vehicles.

3. Site security

Schools should take careful note of all security arrangements and have plans to monitor the safety of the buildings and valuable equipment, along with the collection and banking of cash. This should help prevent incidents such as the theft of Banksy artwork worth thousands of pounds, which was stolen from a primary school in Leicestershire during a school fete.

Risk can be minimised with appropriate supervision/patrols, and by ensuring that it is made clear to visitors what areas of the school are out of bounds.

4. Event health and safety plan

In order to protect the health, safety and welfare of pupils, staff, stall-holders and visitors attending events, effective health and safety management needs to begin at the planning stage.

The key elements of successful health and safety management include:

  • Specific duties of all people involved
  • Details of training
  • Competency checks
  • Safety inspections (prior to, during and after the event)
  • Risk assessment arrangements
  • Emergency procedures
  • Details of liaison with relevant authorities, for example the emergency services and the highways authority
  • Accident reporting arrangements
  • Lost and Found meeting point
  • Site preparation and clear up

The plan should be regularly reviewed and updated throughout the lead up to the event.

5. Having the right cover

To protect your school from the unexpected, have you got the right insurance cover in place for the risks identified in the risk assessment?

Do you require any additional insurance cover for the event you are holding?

Do any external suppliers (equipment hire/ catering) have sufficient insurance cover?

6. Planning for next year

Once the final visitor has left the school grounds, an inspection should be carried out to check for any new hazards which may have emerged during the fete – e.g. broken glass or damaged equipment.

The risk management strategy should also be updated to take into account any lessons learned before and during the event, which can help planning for next year.

If you require any additional cover for the event you are holding, contact us on 0845 7254910.