How a revolutionary app is protecting children from harm

  • Schools have a far better understanding of how to manage safeguarding risks than they did a generation ago
  • However, with new risks emerging online and offline, there is a clear need for timely, relevant and regularly updated safeguarding information
  • Our Safer Schools app is transforming the way school communities approach safeguarding, and giving them new tools to keep children safe from harm

Safeguarding is the most important responsibility – and perhaps the most complex challenge – that any school will contend with.

Online and offline, safeguarding risks are constantly evolving. Our whitepaper, The evolving safeguarding risk landscape, outlines some of the cultural, technological, legal and regulatory developments that have shifted the risk landscape.

Tilden Watson, Head of Education, Zurich Municipal, and a primary school vice-chair of governors, says schools’ understanding of safeguarding risks and how to manage them has improved dramatically over the last 20 years. At the same time, however, he warns: “The big challenge schools face is that the environment is constantly changing.”

Never has there been a greater need for clear, relevant, regularly updated and easily accessible safeguarding information. That’s why Zurich Municipal has partnered with the Ineqe Safeguarding Group to develop the Safer Schools app – a valuable tool to help school communities navigate complex safeguarding challenges and keep children safe from harm.

Key features of the Safer Schools app

  • Available at no extra cost to Zurich Municipal schools customers
  • Practical guidance and training on dealing with the latest social media risks, such as cyber-bullying, sexting and online gaming
  • Guidance on how to block, report and set safety settings via an online safety centre
  • CPD-accredited training courses for staff, along with online quizzes for parents and pupils

The app also enables schools to reach children with key messages via push notifications. Following the recent Momo scare, for example, Zurich Municipal was able to send out notifications that it was actually a hoax.

Another key feature is that content on the app can be tailored to different groups within the school community, including staff, pupils and parents.

‘I’ve seen something that could transform education’

School and local authority safeguarding leaders who have used the app say it is helping to make school communities safer.

Carole Mjadzelics, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Castle Hills Primary School, Doncaster, says: “This app has empowered our school community better than anything else we have tried before.”

Sarah Stokoe, Safeguarding Manager, Doncaster Council, adds: “For the first time in 30 years, I’ve seen something that could transform education. When I first saw the app I knew immediately it could make a difference to the lives of children.”

Watch our Safer Schools video to see more of what Carole and Sarah had to say, along with further testimonials from safeguarding leaders, parents and children.

About Ineqe 

The Ineqe Safeguarding Group is the UK’s largest specialist independent safeguarding company. All the material on Safer Schools is quality assured by Ineqe’s in-house Counsel and an editorial panel comprising local authority and school safeguarding teams.

Jim Gamble, former chief executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command, and current chief executive of Ineqe, says of Safer Schools: “This is the most exciting safeguarding children initiative I’ve ever been involved with. The powerful potential the app has to revolutionise safeguarding practices in school communities grows by the day.”

To find out more about the benefits of Safer Schools, and to download the app, visit our dedicated Safer Schools page.