Indispensable support when our charity customers need it most

  • Leonard Cheshire are a charity who support disabled individuals to live as independently as they choose
  • Zurich have been working with Leonard Cheshire since 2017 both in providing insurance cover and through our charity arm, Zurich Community Trust, by way of volunteering and donations
  • Zurich were able to support Leonard Cheshire recently by contacting the DVLA on their behalf to ensure they could use their tax - exempt vehicles to transport volunteers, staff and PPE equipment to vulnerable residents during the coronavirus outbreak

Leonard Cheshire have been supporting disabled people for more than 70 years in the UK and around the world. They are a charity who support individuals to live, learn and work as independently as they choose, whatever their ability.

They’re a charity Zurich have worked with for several years, not just in providing their property, motor, casualty and travel cover but also through Zurich’s charity arm, Zurich Community Trust (ZCT).  ZCT have a longstanding relationship with Leonard Cheshire, donating just under £30,000 and running volunteering projects through grants and fundraising activity over the years.

Now more than ever we want to support our customers in any way we can, so we jumped at the chance to be able to help ensure the charity can afford to now use their vehicles for providing essential services and supplies to their vulnerable service users, keeping their vital support going in this difficult time.

Leonard Cheshire wanted to use their vehicles, typically used as a means of transport for their service users, to now transport their staff, volunteers, PPE equipment and supplies to residential homes and their vulnerable service users’ own homes. The charity’s Risk Administrator, Anna Blesznowska, needed to know the vehicles would remain insured, and, following advice from her Fleet Management Company, she was concerned that the vehicles would no longer be tax exempt, costing the charity greatly.

We were immediately able to reassure Anna that the motor policy would still cover the vehicles – David Wan, Claims Relationship Manager, contacted the DVLA himself to confirm that the vehicles could be used in this way during the coronavirus crisis, without losing the tax exemption. In this little extra step, David reassured the customer, removed their concern and confusion, and enabled them to start transporting the vital services and supplies to where they are most needed.

Clive de Mello, National Health and Safety Auditor at Leonard Cheshire said, “after receiving news from our fleet management company that we’d lose our tax exemption, I’m glad ‘common sense & decency has prevailed’, thank you Zurich for clarifying the position with the DVLA.”

Gordon Wilmott, Head of Charities, Social Organisations and Health at Zurich Municipal said on the matter, “David’s actions exemplify how we often go above and beyond in supporting our customers.”

We continue to support our charity customers at this difficult time and are committed to donating £2 million to help community and charity partners through the Coronavirus crisis.

For more support at this time, please visit our coronavirus hub