Worlds apart: 2016 Senior Managers' Risk Report

  • Over the past four years, we’ve talked to over 60 CEOs of Local Authorities about their key risk issues
  • This year, issues like health and social care, austerity and devolution remain significant
  • In 2016, there is innovation but some local authorities are worlds apart from others

The 2016 Senior Managers’ Risk Report, Worlds apart, is the fourth annual report in the series and brings together the views of Senior Executives from local authorities across the UK.

Last year’s Pioneers report spoke about radical thinking and planning being put into action. This year sees many local authorities becoming bold commercial entities, driving forward communities and change in radical ways.

For some, it’s either change or bust, which brings a new form of risk management – changing from risk avoidance to risk taking.

Some local authorities are worlds apart from others.

A taster of the key topics from the report:

  • Austerity and Opportunity – many see 2016/17 as a tipping point, with evidence that some local authorities will be declared unsustainable by 2017
  • Collaboration and Innovation – the difficulties of living in a world with old fashioned governance and infrastructure trying to meet modern challenges
  • Integration of Health and Social Care – NHS demand is increasing by 4% a year but money to meet it is not. The NHS is affected by ageing healthcare and a fragile council social care system so integration is even more urgent
  • Prevention is key to all areas of public service, not just health and social care. CEOs recognise the emphasis on assessing future risks to target resources towards prevention