Case study: Choice Support and Zurich Rehab

At Zurich we know that the earlier we can provide medical and vocational rehabilitation support, the better the outcome can be for you and your employees.

Our rehabilitation case managers are medically qualified and vocationally skilled and are available to offer practical support and advice from the first days of employee absence, through to the resolution of any claim. They can provide face to face or telephone support including recommending or funding treatment, identifying reasonable workplace adaptations as well as creating and supporting graded return to work plans.

Jackie Williams, Contracts Officer at Choice Support has been working with Zurich to service a comprehensive Rehab proposition since 2014.

“We’d seen a spike in claims, both in terms of the number and the values. Some of this may have been an indirect result of restructuring within the company or a general increase in the claims culture, but most of the claims could have been mitigated by having a rehab scheme in place earlier”

Jackie details how the Zurich Rehab scheme helped mitigate a claim, even in the early stages of implementation.

“Employee A injured their back supporting a service user in a wheelchair on an outing. A wheel became stuck and ‘A’ bent down and lifted the wheel off the obstruction causing back pain. ‘A’’s OSP was suspended as it wasn’t recorded as a workplace injury and they had reached their absence limit under Bradford Factor rules, resulting in a potential loss of earnings for ‘A’.

2 weeks later the incident was reclassified as a workplace incident, corroborated by witnesses and line managers, and RIDDOR reported. OSP was reinstated, however, ‘A’ was still unable to work and was referred to Occupational Health who recommended workplace adjustments and light duties, however they can’t always offer direct treatment and referrals under NHS can take a long time which can result in further delays to return to work or to full duties. ‘A’ agreed to try the Zurich Rehab scheme and was referred within 3 weeks of the injury occurring. ‘A’ returned to work on light duties a few days later and following a completed course of physiotherapy (5-6 treatments) returned to full duties with no further absence.

The cost of the treatment under the Zurich Rehab scheme was £414, no claim was received and this is now out of limitation. Whilst this cost is attributed to our claims experience, it is much lower than the average cost of a formal claim.

Other benefits of this scheme include reduced costs of backfilling long-term staff absences, staff feel supported and find it easier to return to work and this helps to retain valuable staff.”

Since then Choice Support have experience several incidents where staff have received prompt treatment and a faster return to full duties, and which have not presented as a formal claim, thanks to the Zurich Rehab scheme.

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