Dealing with troublesome tree roots

  • Damage from tree roots is a persistent problem for many local authorities
  • Following best practice can help reduce costs and offer the greatest possible chance of defence
  • We’ve created a helpful infographic to demonstrate the best ways to handle tree root complaints from residents

In areas of clay soil, tree roots will absorb moisture and shrink the soil. This can cause objects, such as garden walls and the foundations of houses, to subside and create problems for their owners.

We receive around 40-50 new claims a month from local authorities where trees are said to be damaging private property. The cost of these claims can vary greatly, from a few hundred pounds, to tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of pounds.

Whether you are a claimant or a local authority facing a claim, damage caused by tree roots can be a real nuisance. The process below shows the different stages of a claim and what can be done at each point, to help arrive at a positive outcome.

Tree roots