Flood response: A tenant's guide

  • According to the Environment Agency, one in six properties in the UK are now at risk of flooding
  • By the 2050s, an extra half a million homes are expected to flood, placing £200bn worth of assets at risk
  • In this simple guide, we provide landlords and their tenants with the essential information to stay safe and protect property before, during and after a flood event

Climate change, combined with factors such as urbanisation and deforestation, is increasing the likelihood and severity of flooding events in the UK. The Met Office has predicted a one-in-three chance there would be a new record set for monthly rainfall during coming winters, and one in six properties are now at risk of flooding.

Given the growing likelihood of serious flooding, it is increasingly important that landlords and tenants have the tools necessary to improve flood resilience and stay safe should the worst happen.

Our simple guide provides landlords and tenants with essential information, including: guides to flood warnings and the various types of flooding, dos and don’ts, landlord and tenant responsibilities, and flooding FAQS.

Download a copy of the Flood response: A tenant’s guide.