Health, Safety and Wellbeing of People during Covid-19

  • With current travel restrictions in place, remote working is becoming the norm for the majority
  • Whilst there can be benefits, there are health, safety and wellbeing issues that employers need to consider
  • We provide a guide on how employers can consider these risks as remote working becomes more regular.

Remote working offers many advantages to the employer and employee and it will help to maintain work productivity. But, for many, working in the home environment can present health and safety hazards and conditions which can negatively impact on personal health, safety and wellbeing. Working in isolation and finding that home has now become a permanent workspace may prove difficult for some workers to adjust to. There is also the additional challenge that for some, they will have their partner and any children residing in the combined home/work environment for the foreseeable future.

This guide covers some of the health, safety and wellbeing management issues that employers will need to consider as this new way of working becomes a more regular feature of our working lives.

To download the guide, click here.