How can further education build its UK reputation?

  • Further education has been heavily targeted for financial cutbacks
  • Experts within the sector feel more needs to be done to boost its reputation
  • Our recent roundtable event focused on how to educate the public and government on the benefits of further eduction

The role further education (FE) plays in the UK’s financial future – and peoples’ lives – is crucial. Yet, compared with other education sectors, it has been disproportionately hit by funding cuts and, according to experts, is rarely held in the same regard.

In November we sponsored a Guardian roundtable event focusing on the reputation of further education institutes across the UK.

Sector leaders discussed how FE’s reputation among policy makers, education colleagues, businesses, parents and students needs to change.

The event explored how the sector can lobby the government on issues more effectively, build stronger relationships with businesses and help ensure young people are more informed about the FE options open to them.

Read more about how sector leaders think the reputation of FE could be improved.