Introducing the Zurich Claims Quarterly Journal

  • The latest issue of the Zurich Claims Quarterly Journal is now available to download
  • The journal provides expert insight and analysis on a range of risk topics affecting our customers
  • This issue looks at subjects ranging from hot works to the complex range of exposures involved in modern construction projects

The Zurich Claims Quarterly Journal provides in-depth analysis on a wide range of insurance topics across the Zurich portfolio, affecting both commercial and municipal customers.

The Winter 2018 issue focuses on the Property, Construction and Energy lines of business, and discusses a number of issues which could be of interest to municipal customers, such as:

  • Why fire remains such a burning issue for property insurance
  • Ongoing challenges relating to hot works – and potential solutions
  • Subrogation and contribution in construction claims
  • Construction – Delay in Start-Up (DSU) Insurance

Customers can also find out more about Zurich’s Large Loss Scenario workshops.

You can download the full journal by clicking here.