ZCT Impact Report: Making a meaningful difference since 1973

Since 1973 Zurich in the UK have been making a meaningful difference to the communities in which we live through our charitable arm, Zurich Community Trust (ZCT).

Every year, through a combination of grant-making, volunteering and fundraising programmes, we’re able to support over 500 deserving causes across the UK and overseas.

As a grant-making trust, ZCT has awarded over £90 million since inception. The people supported by our community partners always take centre stage and are at the very heart of what we do and help shape our work.

We’re proud to not shy away from the more ‘challenging’ social issues.  Instead we prefer to take a more innovative approach by supporting areas often overlooked by other funders, so the types of organisations we work with are truly diverse.

From small charities and grassroots community groups through to the big ‘household names’ of the charity world. Our partnership approach, the focus on sustainability and the thought that goes into every grant are the defining characteristics of our work.

We’re immensely proud of the difference we’ve made over the last 47 years, and continue to make through our relationships with community partners, donors and supporters.

Read more about the work we’ve achieved through our programmes over the last four decades in ZCT’s latest Impact Report!

Find out more about how we support our communities through the work of our charity arm, Zurich Community Trust, by visiting their website and social channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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