Temporary Closure: Refurbishment at Existing Buildings

  • The spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) is unprecedented and we understand this is an incredibly difficult time for families and businesses
  • Our customers are facing enormous challenges as buildings are forced to close or operate on a limited basis as workplaces shift to homeworking
  • We are here to help customers and businesses who are affected by the impact of Covid-19 in these challenging times and have created guidance on how to deal with refurbishment at existing buildings.

If your building is temporarily closed due to Covid-19, we do not consider that the unoccupied building condition will apply in the current circumstances unless we have specifically advised you otherwise.

If the Government restrictions continues for a significant period, we will actively advise customers if any further action is needed. We’ve put together a checklist of risk control measures to consider to help secure buildings undergoing a full or partial refurbishment, extension or undergoing major maintenance work and to use as a reference point for regular checks during temporary closedown periods.

To download our guide, click here.