The human impact of fire

Changes to the built environment – ranging from the materials used, to the construction methods employed – have contributed to making fires more complex, more severe, and harder to tackle. At the same time, the causes of fire, including arson, hot works, and accidental ignition, are not going anywhere.

This all means that Zurich is seeing a growing number of fire claims. As an insurer, we are concerned about the human impact of these claims, and want to help our customers mitigate the risk and protect their stakeholders.

We have produced an in-depth whitepaper – The human impact of fire – that explores how fire can affect the wellbeing of individuals and institutions, and how public and voluntary organisations can go beyond basic fire safety guidelines to better manage the risk.

Our report:

  • Looks at how fire risk is changing, and how there is increased awareness and sensitivity to fire safety from those directly or indirectly affected
  • Examines the human impact of fire, ranging from challenges securing alternative accommodation, to the added stress placed on staff
  • Explores the most common causes of fire in the UK, and how organisations can mitigate the risk
  • Explains how following fire safety guidelines should be treated as a bare minimum requirement for reducing the human impact
  • Outlines the expert support and consultancy that Zurich Municipal can offer

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