Understanding safeguarding legislation, policy and procedures in 2019

Safeguarding – protecting vulnerable individuals from abuse and neglect – is the most important duty any public or voluntary sector organisation can exercise.

But safeguarding risks are continually evolving, making it difficult for organisations to ensure they have the right policies and procedures in place to keep children and vulnerable adults/adults-at-risk safe.

There are also a number of common misunderstandings about safeguarding that add to this challenge. One is that any organisation can find a safeguarding policy template online. The reality is that every organisation must have a safeguarding policy that is tailored to its needs.

We have produced an in-depth whitepaper – The evolving safeguarding risk landscape: How should organisations respond to today’s challenges? – which looks at these issues in detail.

Our report includes:

  • A summary of some of the most important changes in safeguarding legislation and statutory guidance
  • An explanation of some common safeguarding misconceptions
  • A useful checklist to help organisations when drafting their safeguarding policies
  • A look at the support Zurich Municipal can offer, including our Safer Schools App

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